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Terms & Conditions
Rental client must maintain $ 1,000,000 liability insurance at my own expense, and list WSF (Westlight Studios Franklin) as additional insured.
I will not hold WSF accountable for lost, stolen, or damaged property
I assume risk and responsibility for any injury, death, or property damage resulting from my actions or my clients and their guests actions.
I will assume all risk and responsibilities for any persons or items I bring into this property. 
I release, indemnify, and hold harmless WSF, its agents, from and against all and any actions or claims which may be made by me or on my behalf or by other parties for or in respect of or arising out of any injury, loss, damage, or death caused to me or my property whether by negligence, breach of contract or any way whatsoever. 


Fees & Payments
I agree to pay full rental amount before or on the start of the rental day.  
At the time of booking, I agree to complete the online rental application and read the Terms /Conditions/ Requirements in full.  
Daily rental terms are for the entire rental date chosen. Daily rentals do not roll over to the following day.


Cancellation Policy & Disclaimers
Cancellations made within seven days of scheduled rental will result in a mandatory charge of 25% of full rental fee, using card information provided or carton file.
Cancellations made within three days of scheduled rental will result in a mandatory charge of 50% of full rental fee, using card information provided.
Cancellations made within 48 hours of scheduled rental will result in a mandatory charge of full rental fee, using card information provided or card on file. 
Art Urban Nashville cannot control outside and environmental noise, and therefore makes no guarantee of noiseless environment. 


Use of smoke bombs and fog machine 
Art Urban Nashville has a zero tolerance policy with smoke bombs of any kind.  We will automatically fine any rental $500 if any type of smoke bomb is used in the building. 
Fog machines and Hazers are allowed but only if you are renting the whole studio.  This policy is set in place to stop set contamination of other rentals clients who are using the next studio.  
Noise volume and limits:  Any rental may be asked to turn down the volume of your music if it is disturbing a client in the opposite studio. Use of live drums or instruments require both studios to be rented due to noise issues.  


All renters and their clients must conduct themselves in a professional manner while working at Art Urban Nashville. 
Renters will be respectful to others working in the building. 
Renters will refrain from entering studio spaces while in use by other studio members or non member renters unless permission is given. 
Renters who repeatedly display inappropriate behavior while working inside Westlight Studios are subject rental termination.  
There is a no smoking policy in the building. Outside smoking must be at least twenty feet away from all entry doors.  
Parking at other nearby business is prohibited without special permission.  Park in the front or side of the building. Failure to do so could result in towing. 
Renter must leave studio clean, according to  the standards outlined in the cleaning checklist below. Failure to do so will result in a cleaning fee of $20.

Cleaning Policy Checkout List
All equipment ( stands , extension cords, lights, etc) must be placed  back in designated equipment area. All counter tops and tables must be cleared of drinking bottles cups trash. 
All furniture must be returned to assigned areas. 



Credit Card Authorization
I Authorize Art Urban of Nashville, TN to charge to the Credit Card detailed in the Art Urban Online Rental Application, the amount indicated on the application, plus any expendables, cancelation fees or cancelation fees occurring in future bookings verified through communication outside of this rental application, damage expenses, and additional equipment fees added during the rental period.   I authorize a pre authorization  charge of $10 directly to the card number provided prior to the rental date to verify card information on the Art Urban application.  ( the amount or $10 will be deducted from the final rental charge) 

I promise to pay such amount as noted above subject to and accordance with the agreement governing the use of such card . I acknowledge that any credit card processing fees related to this transaction will be charged directly to the card number provided.  I also acknowledge that this card will be on file for cancelation fees occurring in future bookings verified through communication outside of this rental application.




Please print this agreement for your  records.

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