How Our Painting Memberships Work?

With painting party studios popping up across the country, more and more people are enjoying painting with friends and family. brings this same experience into the comfort of your home! And best of all, nearly anyone can do it – there is absolutely no painting experience required.

Our Pre Sketched Canvas Painting Classes guide painters through the selected painting, step by step, stroke by stroke, to ensure they create their very own masterpiece. Here’s how to get started in just three quick steps:

1. Register as a Premium Painting Party Member

Simply create an account and you will be painting with Art Urban within 1 week. Full access to our Pre Sketched Canvas Inventory, as well as Unlimited Access to our Online Painting Parties & Video Library starting at just $19.99 per month, with a twelve month commitment.

Click here to start your painting party membership!


2. Complete Your Painter Profile & Choose Your Collections

Once you are a member, you may order any two (2) pre sketched canvases per month. To view your options, click here to view our Pre Sketched Canvases. Our pre sketched canvases may be browsed by:

• Difficulty (Beginner, Child/Student, Moderate, Experienced)
• Category (Holiday, Flowers, Food and Drink, Landscapes, etc.)
• Customizable (Ability to match the colors of your home or personalize with your name)

…and they offer:

• Multiple camera angles for optimum viewing
• Detailed, yet easy-to-follow instruction from our Party Artists
• Custom music to match the feel of each painting
• Ability to pause, stop and rewind for you convenience
• New videos added each week!


3. Get Your Painting Party Supplies

Each Pre Sketched Canvas Painting Kit comes with all the supplies you'll need to successfully complete the painting. You may find each canvas’s sample image on the canvas’s preview page.

Purchasing the following supplies will ensure you have enough supplies for any of our Painting Party Videos:

  • One blank canvas per painter – our artists use a 16X20 canvas.

  • Student grade acrylic paints – white, black, brown, blue, red and yellow. Each tube should be enough for at least two painters.

  • An assortment of paintbrushes – large flat brush (3/4), medium round brush (10), small detail brush (6). These may be purchased individually or in a package.

* Your brushes and paints will likely last for many additional uses. So once you buy your supplies, you should have enough for multiple paintings!

To learn more about how is “making art fun again,” please visit our FAQ page or contact us today.