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Kid's Paint Party

Our goal is to make your online party booking experience as trouble-free and enjoyable as possible.  Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers regarding booking your Paint & Play birthday party online: 
Q: Is the party time booked on the website the time we arrive?
A: No Sir/Ma’am, the time you select on the booking site will be the start time of the party. You may arrive up to 30 minutes in advance for setup.
Q: What time should I tell guests to arrive?
Depending on what time you schedule your party, we recommend you and your guests arrive at least 30 minutes before the start time of the party.  Once you and your guests are finished in the painting, you are welcome to stay and play board games for the duration of your reserved time. 

Q: How long can I schedule my party?
A: During any time frame that you schedule, you and your guests can stay as long as you would like to paint and play. The only time frame that is required is the serving time in the party room that you choose at the time of booking. Since you are scheduling a Paint and play birthday party, as stated in the earlier question, we invite you to paint & play for as long as you would like.
Q: I don’t know how many guests will show. Will I still have to pay for them, if I add them on the order?
A: Yes, but you can remove guests up to 48 hours in advance of the event date for a full refund. We would recommend adding the invited guests to the order at the time of scheduling, and emailing in the future to update your reservation.  It is better to add them in the beginning, then not adding them at all. This will help us to prepare for the big day!

Q: How will you know what guests to include in my Paint Party?
A: Our host will keep an accurate count of all guests that you have invited as they arrive the day of your party. This is the number for which we will set up your section. You may provide us with a guest list in advance via email, or when you arrive, if there are any concerns as to who your guests are.  This usually applies if you have concerns about siblings of the invited guest attending, but are not included in your guest head count. Parents accompanying their children to your party are not included in your head count.

Q: How many guest can I invite to my party?
A: Our maximum seating capacity is 50 guests. 
Q: Are parents included in the guest count?
A: Yes. We will count the children invited to the party as well as the adult chaperones and siblings.

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