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- What should I wear? You should wear clothing that you don't mind possibly getting paint on. You can also bring a change of clothes.
- What protective gear are guests provided? Hooded painters coveralls, goggles, gloves and foot covers.
- What size canvases do we get? 16x20 inch stretched canvases for adults and children.
- Do I wear my shoes in the Splatter Room? Most guests don't wear shoes. You can wear the foot covers by themselves or with your socks on. 
- What time should l arrive for my appointment? Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your appointment time. 
- Do we offer private parties? Yes. You can book online. If your party consist of 15 or more guests, then please call 615-544-5090 to book.
- Do we have free parking? Yes. Parking is limited, so Uber/Lyft is suggested for evening appointments. 
- Can you pay to upgrade the size of your canvas? Yes. Please contact us in advance for a quote. on the date of your reservation. 
- Is everything included in the booking fee? Yes, with the exception of optional add ons you can purchase (emergency ponchos, additional rubber gloves, additional paints, etc).
- Can we buy additional canvases during our reservation? Yes. Additional 16x20 canvases and paint are $10 each.

- How much does it cost to buy a larger canvas? See below for upgrade options. Upgraded bookings come with additional paint, and free local delivery (within 15 miles). 
  • 48x48 - $170 
  • 48x60 - $185 
  • 60x72 - $230 
  • 72x72 - $420

- How many paint colors do we get? Your package comes with 6 Cups of Assorted Paint Colors.
- Do we get to take our canvases home? Yes. Please come prepared to carry your canvases home with you the same day. Canvases are usually still wet, so beware. We sell boxes for $4, and they can hold up to two canvases.

- How long does it Splatter Paint last? Our Splatter Paint experience last for 90 minutes. That includes your time to put on your protective gear, take pictures, paint your masterpiece, blow dry it, take off your protective gear and leave.

- What ages is Splatter Paint good for? Adults and Kids Ages 2+. 

- Can I bring my own canvas? No.

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